Snow Removal Policy

When there is a small amount of snow, or whenever possible, Highland Hills will try to work around our residents’ vehicles to remove the snow.

However, there will be days when we must declare a SNOW EMERGENCY and vehicles will need to be moved while we clean up the snow. Management will send a Snow Emergency Procedure reminder on the first of each month via email to all residents. It is highly recommended that all residents opt in to receive our email on Resident Portal.  When a Snow Emergency is determined:

  1. Facilities Manager calls a Snow Emergency:
    1. Notifies all staff of date and time as soon as possible
  2. Notification of Snow Emergency and when to move car:
    1. We will try to provide a 24-hour notice, but it’s not always possible.
    2. Time permitting, we will post notices on all apartment doors and entrance doors
    3. Send notification via email
    4. Post on Facebook
    5. Display on the electronic billboard near main office
  3. Specific violations residents will be towed for:
    1. Parking in fire lanes (all roads within Highland Hills property)
    2. Parking on grass or sidewalks
    3. Blocking fire hydrants or emergency vehicles
    4. Blocking other residents’ vehicles or individual parking lots
    5. Parking anywhere other than actual parking spots
  1. We do not issue any Temporary Parking Permits until snow emergency is completed
  2. No resident parking in Office parking lot
  3. Office staff can park in Office lot until Employee lot is cleared

Snow Emergency Days:

  1. Residents must move their car by 7:00 am on their assigned day.
  2. WHERE CAN RESIDENTS PARK?  We have limited places to park, but space allowing, you can park in lots which are not being plowed that day. Otherwise, you will need to find a place off-site for the day while we are clearing the snow.
  3. Clean up will take until about 5pm. If more time is needed, residents will be notified via email and on Facebook. Residents may NOT park in their lots till notified!
  4. 7:00 am – The clean-up will start!
  5. WHAT HAPPENS IF A RESIDENT CAN’T MOVE THEIR CAR? If you do not move your car by the time we are plowing, you will be towed. Towing fees will be the responsibility of the car owner. We STRONGLY suggest that you pay attention to the weather and even find someone who can help you move your vehicle if you are not available.  Snow happens in Minnesota ~ plan ahead!  Towing will begin at exactly 7:00 am. Maintenance will keep track of permit numbers and license plates.  The charge for the tow is $40.
  6. North & East Lots will be cleared on first day of Snow Emergency. This includes all the following: The East Lot (across Monks), the Main Office, 21, 31, 41, 141, 131, 121, 111, 101, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 40, 30, 1320, 1330, 231, 211, 185, 165, 155, 175, 201, 221, 241,251 (roughly in that order)
  7. South lots will be cleared on the second day. This includes all the following:

ALL OF THE BRICK BUILDINGS which includes the A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, E’s, F’s G’s, H’s, Studios, 400’s, and 600’s (roughly in that order)

Please view our Property Maps Page for additional clarity.

DO WE NEED HELP REMOVING SNOW? YES!!! We would LOVE help! We will even PAY! Please contact HR: 507-388- 9351 THANK YOU!!